Slow Down & Nourish with the Immunity Glow Up Guide.


Hey Girl,

What a crazy few months it has been for us all… If there is one thing that these past few months have taught us, it is that our mental health, physical health and relationship we have with our number 1 (YOU) is all that really matters.

While there has been a lot of uncertainty and anxiousness circulating, this has also been a beautiful time to slow down, nourish and bloom into a new you. As times are changing, so are our needs. This really is an opportunity to heal, to grow, to let go and to nourish, the beautiful human that you are!

This is the reason why I created my Immunity Glow Up Guide. As a Clinical Nutritionist, I find so much joy in sharing what I know about the importance of wholesome foods, how dietary choices can either support or take away from good health and educating on how simple it is to nourish that beautiful body of yours. As a huge advocate for Self-Love (have you seen my instagram..endless quotes) I am so passionate about teaching women (and everyone) about how vitally important it is to practise self-care and to love the person you are. Until you love yourself, and I don’t mean this in a vain way, I mean simply being happy, at peace and content with all you are, you will struggle with making healthy dietary choices and yo-yo dieting. Because after all, proper Nutrition is the biggest form of self-love you can give to your body.

At a time where our health is something we want to protect at all costs, I wanted to show you how practising daily nutrition and self-love practices can support your immune system in more ways that you can imagine. Not only did I want to give you all the tools you require, but I wanted to educate you on WHY you are doing this and WHAT the importance of the immune system really is… Knowledge is power and will give you the motivation to make long lasting change.

So, let me breakdown my Immunity Glow Up Guide for you. Just like the title of this Ebook implies, get ready to give your entire immune system (body & mind) the GLOW UP it deserves. While there may be uncertainty in the air right now, you will feel peace knowing you are doing all that you can every single day to protect your health.

As you will learn in the Immunity Glow Up Guide, your immune system is a very complex biological structure and without supporting your immunity, your body finds it difficult to thrive, stay healthy and ward off any unwanted invaders.

Of course, the best possible way to support your immune system and feed it with all the stuff it needs to thrive, is to eat wholesome, nutrients rich, healthy foods. Honestly, your immune system works SO HARD to protect you the least we can do is provide it with the proper fuel it needs so it doesn’t have to work so god-damn hard.

Did you know that there are specific nutrients like zinc & vitamin C (along with several others) that are super important and required for your immune system to thrive. Well, don’t stress (seriously don’t this is bad for your immune system) because you will find an entire table listing each of these nutrients, what foods to find them in and of course, the why.

Each of the mouth-watering, delicious, nutritious and healthy recipes found in the glow up guide will contain several of these nutrients so you can cook up these awesome recipes knowing that you are feeding your immune system just what it is after.

As well as nutrition, there are several contributing factors that also have a huge impact on the function of your immune system. This includes:

  • Gut Health - Your gut wall houses 80% of the cells that make up your immune system so you need to learn how to support it. And this you will do thanks to all the info in the guide.

  • Stress - High mental stress levels cause a whole world of issues in the body, especially on the immune system. This is where we flex our self-love muscle and nourish our mind daily to stay calm, feel peaceful and learn to deal with all that external stress in a simple way.

  • Sleep - Basically like a clock to wellness. When you sleep you recover. If you are struggling with sleep right now my meditation practices, nighttime routines and tips are sure to help you doze off peacefully into a happy slumber every night.

As for the self-love section of my guide, I happily share with you all my favourite techniques that have helped me so much! All my life I have struggled with low confidence, anxiety, low-moods and insecurities. But let me tell you, since religiously making the effort every single day to practice the self-love techniques I find most helpful and life-changing, I have changed so much as a person and can honestly say I am proud of who I am. Self-love is a life-long journey and will make you feel like a kick - ass - boss -lady - irresistible - confident - happy - woman that loves her life. So, these practices are here to help you feel your best and nourish your mind.

What has this got to do with immunity you ask? Trust me when I say that when you love who you are, feel happy and confident you honestly want nothing more than to nourish your body in the best way possible! You consciously make the choice every single day to do what is best for your body and mind. You don’t want to allow anything into your life that is going to make you feel any less than awesome. Not only will your dietary choices improve for the long run, but your stress levels will calm down dramatically because you will be more at peace with yourself.

With all this new information you will be glowing from the inside out in no time at all! And to keep you on track you will find daily check-list to follow, morning and evening routines, accountability questionnaires and of course, all the recipes and meal planning ideas to keep you feeling energised, healthy and wholesome.

I hope this has helped you understand what the Immunity Glow Up Guide is all about and why I created and put so much love into this for you. I am so proud of this Ebook and I hope that you love it just as much as I do.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get your copy! (Did I mention its a bargain?)

And if you have reached this point THANK YOU for reading my blog your support honestly means the world to me.

Love always to you,

Malissa XOX

Still got questions? Send me an email.


Malissa's Roasted Pumpkin Soup from the Immunity Glow Up Guide.


1 whole butter nut pumpkin 

2 brown onions

4 garlic cloves 

3 springs rosemary 

2 tbsp Olive Oil

100gm Butter 

1/2 cup chopped parsley 

1L Vegetable stock 

1 red chilli, chopped 

Salt & Pepper


Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees celcius.

Peel and chop the pumpkin into large chunks, chop onion into quarters and squash garlic cloves with a knife (can leave the skin on).

Add all ingredients into a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and add the rosemary.

Place into the oven to cook for 45 minutes (discard rosemary stalk once cooked).

In a large pot over medium heat, melt the butter. Add all roasted veggies, onion & garlic, chilli, parsley and stir through.

Add stock (just enough until the veg is covered, too much liquid will make it


Allow to simmer gently for approximately 15mins. Season as desired with salt and pepper.  

Blend until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately with warm toasted bread.



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